#FOTD Winning Combo


My favourite make up combo this week was Day 3. Here’s why:

I specifically chose this combo on Wednesday as I knew I was travelling to Sydney and I needed it to last 16+ hours!

I’m just going to say it, this foundation is in my top 3 foundations. Not only is it super convenient as a cushion (with mirror for midday touch ups), it literally absorbs into a 2nd skin affect that lasts all day with medium coverage. It has a healthy/dewy finish, AND SPF 40! I love pairing this foundation with the Cancer Council tinted sunscreen, it provides such a glowy base which is so flattering. I’ve talked about how much I love this tinted sunscreen in previous posts, it’s the perfect base to any #FOTD and acts almost like a sunscreen/moisturiser/primer all in one. I will absolutely be repurchasing both these products!

This brow gel is a staple in my collection, simple/affordable/does the job.

This Natio eyeshadow trio is best as blush on my skin, it gives the prettiest pink sheen to my cheeks. I swish my brush over all three shades. If I’m going for a full face I will also use this as eyeshadow – hello multi-purpose product ❤

This mascara is top 3 for me. Doesn’t transfer or smudge, lengthens & separates my lashes, and is great for everyday. Love!

Love this lip gloss, it provides a glossy/plumping healthy look with just enough pigment. Perfection!

I love this powder ever so gently tapped on my T-Zone. I tap a large fluffy brush in the pan then gently pat over my skin to lock in my foundation – works a treat!

Katie xo

Let’s talk acne!

Acne is something we will all experience at some stage in life. Whether it’s when puberty hits and hormones are raging, or when we’re well into adulthood and menstrual cycles are flowing! There’s a loooooong list of reasons as to why we are home to our sore and inflamed friends, and the medical breakdown behind our beloved breakouts can be overwhelming and confusing.



I have personally struggled with acne since my teen years, and it hasn’t been an easy journey. Like many women I have experienced painful, emotional, and pimple prone menstrual cycles.  It’s not uncommon to experience a spot or two when our friend visits us each month; but for some, acne can be a life altering hindrance with no light at the end of the tunnel! My lowest point with my hormonal acne was having to cover them with bandaids so I could leave the house!

I am not a Dermatologist. I REPEAT, I am not a Dermatologist. Everyone’s skin journey is so unique, but one thing we have in common….we’re not alone! Here’s my breakdown on acne and how to manage it.

Reasons for acne

Hormones / menstrual cycles – Do you experience breakouts when on your period? Do you experience breakouts on your lower face (particularly on your chin and jawline). I know I do! If you also struggle with this, chances are it’s due to hormonal imbalances. This is my number one problem area, and my years of Googling and Doctors visits have identified that it is in fact hormonal (mixed with some uninvited stress of course).

Stress – Our stress hormone Cortisol can really mess with our skin, when released from our adrenal glands in response to stress (enter fight or flight mode). Not to mention other alarming side affects of stress, breakouts in an already stressful situation – um, no thanks!

Diet – Who’s been told to stop eating junk food or your face will breakout? I have and while at the time when I was younger I knew better than to believe it (typical teenager), I now understand that what I nourish my body with heavily affects my skin. I am guilty of not sticking to a well balanced diet, and it’s something I need to work on. Not to say that I eat junk food everyday, but skipping meals and neglecting all five food groups is a common theme for me.

food groups

Source – http://healthypreg.com

lifestyle – Important factors to living a healthy lifestyle like sleep, alcohol consumption, mental well being, or even where you live can play a huge part to how our skin behaves. Environmental stress factors like high humidity or heavily polluted destinations can encourage pore congestion and sebum build up. On the more chillier side, cold locations can increase dehydration of the skin and even ageing! According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults over the age of 26 are encouraged to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night. These days with busy routines and work/kids/study schedules, this can prove challenging but a must do nonetheless. Alcohol consumption in large proportions has numerous damaging affects to the body and mental well being, and your skin is not exempt from this. As you’re sipping on your favourite cocktail, remember a lot of alcoholic beverages contain high amounts of sugar, sulphates, and toxins. This can cause dehydration and puffiness of the skin, hormonal imbalances, and you guessed it…breakouts!


  • Don’t pick, pop, or over touch your face (especially when broken out). Touching your face can cause the spread of bacteria or germs, which will in turn create further congestion. Despite the intense urge to squeeze zits and spots in an attempt to make it go away, this will only cause inflammation, redness, and scarring! Instead, use your killer skincare routine (or medication recommendation from your GP or Dermatologist) to fight it for you
  • Do not under any circumstances be ashamed or embarrassed of your skin – be brave and know you’re not alone in your skin journey
  • In saying the above, avoid caking on layers and layers of make up to cover blemishes. Give your skin room to breathe and heal. Clogging pores with further products like make up will only cause further congestion
  • Even thought you will be tempted, don’t over cleanse your skin. Over cleansing will strip your skin of natural oils, stimulating further sebum production, leading to breakouts
  • Choose the right skincare – sometimes what we slap on our face each day can be the cause of breakouts. Especially in the current climate of cosmetic saturation within women, we are constantly product testing and experimenting. Sounds fun right? Yes! However it can also confuse your skin with high levels of conflicting chemicals, that may not sit well with your skin type
  • Drink alcohol responsibly and in moderation, to maintain your best skin glow
  • Ensure your diet is nutrient rich
  • See a dermatologist or local GP to seek medical treatment
  • Incorporate these ingredients into your skincare regime to fight acne – AHA’s, Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, and Tea Tree Oil. Be sure to research the best products for your skin before investing or applying
  • Depending on the type of breakout you have, you may need different treatment. Seek guidance from a skin specialist to understand what’s best for you.


What are your skin journey stories? And how have you overcome them?

Katie xo

#FOTD Winning Combo


My favourite make up combo this week was Day 5, here’s why:

One word: Simplicity!

I think most of the time I layer on products just because I love playing and experimenting, not because I actually need them. I always feel my best (if I’m being honest) when I wear only a BB/CC cream, mascara, and lip gloss! Provided the base isn’t clinging to dry patches, separating, or doing anything weird…generally my skin shines brightest when a skin-like base is applied and allowed to work it’s magic without 10 other products on top counteracting it.

Lacura Beauty is Aldi’s in house beauty brand; with a range of beauty products that remain on the shelves throughout the year, and selected Special Buy items every other catalogue. I’ve personally tried items from the range in Australia and Germany, and the UK. Some of their products are a blatant rip off of higher end brands, which isn’t great! But overall the quality is good, and at a great price. This primer provides a great base to any BB/CC/foundation! Thicker in consistency but not too heavy or greasy.

I love this BB cream by Models Prefer. They have four BB/CC options in their range (I have tried 2/4), and this one is my favourite. It has hyaluronic & marine collagen, beta glucan, and plant extracts for hydration and skin soothing properties, and lasts all day as a second skin look. It does have parabens and mineral oil on the ingredient list, however they are the last ingredients so presumably less than 1% each – this may deter some but I am personally fine with this.

I’ve talked about this mascara before; I find it fine to use daily however need to set my eyelids with powder as it transfers badly if I don’t. Wont be repurchasing as there’s others I prefer.

This balm is a mix of oils, lanolin, shea butter, bees wax, and SPF; you can definitely feel the oil blend, it’s not a sticky formula at all. It can wear away quickly but provides hydration and sun protection nonetheless!

Has anyone tried any of these products?

Katie xo




Friday Facials 💫

It’s been a long week, anyone else? So to treat myself (and my skin) here’s my Friday Facial line up (in order of use):⁣

@simpleskin Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser ⁣

@mariobadescu Cucumber Tonic Mask⁣

@thebodyshop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner ⁣

@skinstitut Hydrating Mask ⁣

@missha.official Time Revolution First Treatment Essence ⁣

@deciem Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG⁣

@laneige_us Water Sleeping Mask⁣

@laneige_us Lip Sleeping Mask⁣

My skin literally feels so amazing, the Cucumber Tonic Mask can be a little tingling (especially if you’ve cleansed or used cotton pads before using it), but certainly did clean out my pores! The Hydrating Mask and Vitamin E Toner provided a lot of moisture and settled my skin. The Laneige products lock it all in and don’t feel harsh on the skin at all!

Katie xo

Battle of the SPF’s


The Huffington post labelled Australia as “the skin cancer capital of the world” due to it’s close proximity to the “ozone hole”….ouch! But having grown up here, I can testify that yes our sun can be extremely damaging if we don’t protect ourselves from it. My awareness of the sun and its damage has increasingly grown over the years, and as a fair skin gal I’m sure to slap on the SPF to avoid skin damage and cancer. Generally, I avoid the sun. My friends and family make fun of me for hibernating in the shade; but because our sun is so harsh, it takes less than 20 minutes for me to burn-peel-freckle- repeat.

I will be doing a more in depth review of chemical vs physical sunscreen in an upcoming blog post, but for now here are my currently rotating sunscreens!


@innisfree Intense UV Protection Cream SPF 50+ (mineral/physical) – I wear this one on days I need the most protection (if I know I’ll be outside or hitting direct sunlight for a longer period of time). Having 12.66% Zinc Oxide, the light grey/white cast it gives helps me to feel physically protected. I find this non greasy/heavy and pleasant to wear.

My rating = 4.5/5

@Farmacy Green Screen Daily Environmental Protector SPF 30 (mineral/physical) – I wear this one for daily work (office) use. I actually went into Sephora in New York wanting the Supergoop Mineral Sunscreen, but it was no longer available in store. So they suggested Farmacy. It’s fine for daily use, but sometimes a little too glowy. For this reason, I wouldn’t repurchase it.

My rating = 3.5/5

@cancercouncil Face Day Wear SPF 30 (synthetic/chemical) – I took this one on holidays to the Bahamas and felt really protected each day. I absolutely love this product for layering with foundations. I have tested it with multiple foundations now and have found it creates a hydrated and skin like look every time. I’ts great to wear on it’s own (it’s lightly tinted), or layered. Will be repurchasing.

My rating = 5/5

@cancercouncil Face Day Wear Matte SPF 50 (synthetic/chemical) – I was so excited when I saw a matte version as in the warmer months I have a very oily T zone! I’ve tested this a couple of times and can’t agree that it is mattifying 😦 Like the non-matte version (above) I will use this on weekends or under foundation for extra protection, but sadly wont be repurchasing. I also found it oxidises.

My rating = 2/5

@skinstitute Age Defence SPF 50+ (synthetic/chemical) – I threw out the empty bottle, but truly love it! It’s a little thicker (similar to Innisfree 50+), non-greasy or heavy, no white cast once settled into the skin, great protection (I’ve tested this on beach days in direct sunlight). Would 100% repurchase!

My rating = 5/5




Has anyone tested these products? What are your favourite sunscreens?

Katie xo

#FOTD Winning Combo


My favourite make up combo this week was Day 1. Here’s why:

Although I loved my make up, so far I am not seeing the hype around the Angel Veil primer by Nyx. For me this primer did not give me results that I haven’t had with other primers. Yes it evened out my skin texture and provided a nice base for the foundation, but having worn the Shiseido foundation before without primer, I wouldn’t say the Angel Veil provided longevity to the foundation. I will keep experimenting with it, but for now it’s nice for a skin prepping base only.

This Shiseido foundation is their top of the range foundation. It claims to have anti-ageing properties that restore and revitalise the skin. It is non-comedogenic and Dermatologist-tested. Ingredients include brightening ingredient 4MSK, SkingenecellEnmei , Hokkaido Angelica Root Extract, Uji Green Tea Extract, and Oshima Sakura Leaf Extract. This foundation is by far the most expensive I’ve ever purchased (approximately $120 AUD), but it is definitely worth it. I can’t comment on the benefits as I haven’t been using it long enough, but applying it and wearing it all day sure does feel fab! The finish is almost a slight powdery soft matte, yet comfortable and long lasting (it basically looked the same at 6pm as it did at 8am)! The coverage is medium to full, and I didn’t notice it clung to dry patches or caked at all. The cons? Obviously the price, and the smell! For a high end brand/product that claims to do wonderful things for the skin, I think the fragrance is it’s downfall.

The Innisfree SPF 50+ sunscreen is nice and I feel well protected when wearing it. It can show a grey/white cast when applying but after a few minutes it for the most part sinks into the skin nicely. I do like to use this when my foundation is a shade too dark, as when mixed the sunscreen slightly lightens my foundation. It isn’t greasy or uncomfortable at all.

This illuminating palette is versatile, with different shades to choose from. I use these shades mostly as blushes as they give a really nice sheen to the cheeks. I got this 50% from Sportsgirl for $13 and I can see I’ll get a lot of use from it.

Not much to say about Butter Glosses other than yummy smell, great glossy texture, perfect amount of colour, and great price!

I am loving this Very Vegan mascara; it is comparable to the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara, only with a thicker wand than the Tarte (and a nicer price tag)! Doesn’t transfer, buildable, and lasts all day.

The Savvy clear brow gel is a staple, does the job and lasts all day. Very inexpensive too.

Overall I loved this combo as the foundation transforms the skin into something special (it would want to for that price)! It was a shame to wash my face at the end of the day, but the great thing about make up…..you can reapply the next day 🙂

Katie xo

Skincare Holy Grail’s


My skincare journey has come a long way, and I haven’t always had skin as clear as it is now (fingers crossed it stays like this 🤞🏼). I’ve suffered from aggressive hormonal breakouts (more on that to come); resulting in me covering boil size blemishes on my jawline and neck with bandaids, as I was too embarrassed to go to work uncovered. ⁣

I’ve learned over the years, my skin responds well to the “less is more” approach. Despite my eagerness to explore new products and experiment with different active ingredients, my skin would often flare up and breakout. ⁣I have sensitive combination skin, which irritates easily!

These products will always be what I rely on to maintain a healthy skin balance, and consistently help keep my skin in check and look healthy. Have you tried any of these products? ⁣


@dermalogica Daily Microfoliant ⁣
@skinstitut Ultra Firming Eye & Neck Cream⁣
@garnierusa Micellar Cleansing Water
@deciem Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5⁣
@simpleskin Soothing Facial Toner⁣
@simpleskin Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser ⁣
@drunkelephant Protini Polypeptide Cream

Katie xo

⁣Australian Beauty – Inspiration and advice from the beauty set (book review) ⁣⁣



⁣⁣Has anyone read this book by Thom Whilton and Lisa Teh? I picked it up at the airport on my travels to Sydney for a skincare making workshop yesterday. I started reading it on the plane and finished it on my flight home.⁣⁣

⁣⁣The book features Aussie entrepreneurs who’ve founded globally stocked brands like Go-To (Zoe Foster Blake – my absolute fan girl crush and inspiration), Lanolips (Kirsten Carriol), and Napoleon Perdis (by Napoleon Perdis).⁣⁣

⁣⁣The book illustrates the core of Australian beauty, from the perspective of trustworthy insiders of the beauty industry. It’s really easy to read and includes the opinions of Aussie models, beauty bloggers, make up artists, and Australian Skin Expert for CHANEL –  Melanie Grant. ⁣


⁣⁣General consensus: Us Aussies are known for our effortless yet glowing from within make up trends. We are obsessed with keeping up with brand releases and watching our favourite beauty bloggers on YouTube play with all things beauty. But ultimately we most love our natural make up looks. Cake face is long gone! We have a sense of sisterhood, each respecting the others’ place in the industry. Whether you’re a brand owner, make up artist, beauty blogger, or consumer; there’s room for everyone to share the same passion of self confidence and women empowerment!⁣⁣

⁣⁣If you haven’t seen my most recent blog post – “Four items that will make you feel like the ultimate BOSS BABE”, I talk about lipstick being one of my top four items to make me feel confident. Well, my girl crush Zoe Foster Blake agrees 😍 Zoe says “There’s so much power that comes from a woman choosing to put on lipstick so she feels good about herself when she leaves the house.”⁣⁣


⁣⁣I’m grateful to have come across this gem at this point of my newly launched blog. Everyone featured in this book has a unique and encouraging story to tell; and after reading cover to cover in one day I can truly say I’m feeling more motivated than ever 💕💫⁣⁣

Katie xo

#FOTD Winning Combo


My favourite make up combo this week was Day 5 (head to my Instagram for daily #FOTD posts). Here’s why this my was winning combo this week:⁣⁣⁣

I had heard so many good things about the Covergirl Healthy Elixir Foundation – and now I know why! This foundation quickly became my new favourite (besides my beloved B.B. creams). I’m not sure if it was because of the Loreal Mattifying Primer (I’ll have to keep testing) but the foundation applied somewhere in the middle of a dewy and satin finish. The Primer for the most part did keep me matte, but my nose did show oiliness by the 3 hour mark. The foundation has a really nice scent (not overbearing and didn’t irritate my sensitive skin at all). It looked and felt like a 2nd skin and it stayed that way all day!! The shade range does not cater to fair skin (I’m usually at the Porcelain end of the scale). But as I was desperate to try it I just made it work by blending down my neck and decolletage. I am literally obsessed with this foundation after yesterday 😍 ⁣

⁣Since buying the W7 Cosmetics Mascara last week I have used it most days this week – I’m loving it! Subtle but easily buildable. It’s perfect for me at 2 coats. It doesn’t transfer on my eye lids, and it’s super affordable (and Vegan)!⁣

⁣The Nyx Cosmetics blush is quite pigmented so next time I’ll use a lighter hand. Stayed on all day and gave me a nice flush on the cheek. The Powder Puff Lippie is also a new favourite, I am loving the new sponge applicator lippies at the moment! Glides on powdery, into a creamy matte. Felt a little dry by the end of the day so I used Lanolips to hydrate my lips! ⁣

⁣Overall my make up lasted about 8 hours looking flawless and I found myself looking in the mirror with excitement 😍 ⁣

⁣Katie xo⁣⁣⁣

Four items that will make you feel like the ultimate BOSS BABE


It doesn’t matter the season, in my opinion there are four items that never go out of style…a pair of heels, a bottle of perfume, a classic lip, and a fabulous handbag. For those days you would rather stay in bed and pretend your inbox isn’t exploding with drama; spritz on some perfume, apply a bold lip, grab your favourite bag and hit the ground running in your most loved pumps!

Not to say flats aren’t great, they are. Not only are they more comfortable, they’re better for our backs in the long run, and they’re more affordable. On the other hand, something empowering comes from donning a great pair of stilettos and strutting down the corridor to the office photocopier. The trick? Make sure your heels are comfortable so you can strut your stuff with ease, without looking like Bambi on ice – there’s nothing worse than seeing girls walking down the street looking completely uncomfortable in their heels. Not everyone can walk in 6 inch heels, so choose a height you are comfortable with, and rock them. Personally I find heels with a front and back strap more comfortable to wear than the traditional pump. Heels can be unstable enough, without the fear of your heel slipping out the back of the shoe all day….eeek!

I’m the girl with a bunch of pinky-nude lippies on the go at any one time. I have them everywhere – on my desk at work, in my handbag, in my beauty room, in the car…anywhere I am, lippies are on deck in bulk! Whether it’s a bold red lip or a muted nude, a swipe of well pigmented lipstick or juicy gloss is a must when bossing your way through the work day. Importantly, you need to find the shade(s) that best suit your skin tone. If I arrived at my 9-5 in a bright orange or dark brown lip, I might receive a few side eyes from my co-workers. For a gal with fair AF skin with cooler undertones, pink or nude lips are better suited to my complexion. The best way to find your best shade is trial and error. Start by searching skin tones on Google and Pinterest, then go in store to swatch different shades and textures. Once you’ve found your closest match, test it out for a few days and see how you feel. Step outside your comfort zone and experiment at home first. You never know how confident you might feel with a beautifully lined lip! Here’s something I found on Pinterest:


Who doesn’t love smelling nice? We wear deodorant everyday to avoid the embarrassing possibility of releasing not so pleasant body odour. On top of deodorant, a few sprays of a fruity or floral scent on our wrists or behind the ears can work wonders for feeling large and in charge! Like lipstick or foundation shades, finding the right scent for your individual characteristics is a must. Be sure to test out a scent before you buy, we all know perfume prices do not play (and don’t often go on sale). Whether you like having an array of scents decoratively placed on your vanity, or one signature scent you purchase religiously; when you find the one you love, spritz yourself as the final step before leaving the house and wait for the compliments to role in!

Lastly (but certainly not least), a banging handbag is key to girl bossing the day away. Firstly, it houses all of the unnecessary things us girls feel the need to carry around all day – make up, hand cream, purses, hair brushes, keys, and the kitchen sink! Having a good quality and durable handbag (in my opinion) is an investment…that’s what I tell myself anyway. I am guilty of indulging in some of the more higher end handbags and purses; but if you can save for it and it’s something you absolutely love, why not?! From my experience, the cheaper quality bags are due for replacement every year at best. For those of us on a budget, outlets often have designer brands for a fraction of the price. Whether your bag of choice is a cross body, a clutch, or a tote; find your perfect colour, fill it up with your favourite beauty goodies, and wear it as a badge of armour through the day.

Katie xo