Who am I? Let’s get to know each other


Hi everyone, I’m Katie. A novice blogger with an intense love for beauty, mental health awareness, and a cheeky glass of wine or two. In the overly saturated market of ‘beauty guru’s/influencer’s” across the world wide web at the moment, I feel the itch to join this billion dollar industry we all love so much (so Forbes says anyway).

With a love of make up since I was a little girl, I often find myself in a sea of untouched skincare jars, countless bottles of half empty foundation, and more spent hours watching YouTube tutorials than I’d care to admit. But despite the thousands of dollars (and hours) I’ve “invested” in products I could never get through before expiring, you can’t put a price on passion! I’m that girl in her pj’s at home on a Saturday night with the sudden urge to slap on a whole face of make up, for no reason other than to play. I’m the girl who wakes up excited to paint her face with foundation, in preparation to face what the day throws at her.

Working since the age of 14 I have experimented in different career paths anywhere from office admin, fashion retail, flight attending, and hospitality. Currently I am an Office Manager with a 9-5 grind, and while the mundane emails and policy pushing pays the bills, most days feel more like groundhog day than actual living.

I recently travelled interstate to partake in a skincare making workshop (blog post coming soon), surrounded by other woman aspiring to make it in this exciting yet terrifying industry. Over lunch we shared our reason for attending the workshop, and amazingly we each voiced the same rationale; we’re tired of pointless meeting after pointless meeting, relentless abuse from clients, and bosses/inboxes that just won’t quit! The standard 9-5 is OUT, following your dreams is IN! It was in that moment I thought to myself “this is it, I’m not alone”, and that mi amiga is truly magical.

Four years ago I created a note in my iPhone listing all the things I wished to include in my nonexistent blog. Years later still routinely watching YouTube videos and trolling Instagram pages, obsessing over product swatches and the 50th nude lipstick I just had to have…still no blog.

So here I am, I’ve found the courage to join my fellow beauty junkies across the globe where we share one thing in common, the love of beauty!

Katie xo

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