Battle of the SPF’s


The Huffington post labelled Australia as “the skin cancer capital of the world” due to it’s close proximity to the “ozone hole”….ouch! But having grown up here, I can testify that yes our sun can be extremely damaging if we don’t protect ourselves from it. My awareness of the sun and its damage has increasingly grown over the years, and as a fair skin gal I’m sure to slap on the SPF to avoid skin damage and cancer. Generally, I avoid the sun. My friends and family make fun of me for hibernating in the shade; but because our sun is so harsh, it takes less than 20 minutes for me to burn-peel-freckle- repeat.

I will be doing a more in depth review of chemical vs physical sunscreen in an upcoming blog post, but for now here are my currently rotating sunscreens!


@innisfree Intense UV Protection Cream SPF 50+ (mineral/physical) – I wear this one on days I need the most protection (if I know I’ll be outside or hitting direct sunlight for a longer period of time). Having 12.66% Zinc Oxide, the light grey/white cast it gives helps me to feel physically protected. I find this non greasy/heavy and pleasant to wear.

My rating = 4.5/5

@Farmacy Green Screen Daily Environmental Protector SPF 30 (mineral/physical) – I wear this one for daily work (office) use. I actually went into Sephora in New York wanting the Supergoop Mineral Sunscreen, but it was no longer available in store. So they suggested Farmacy. It’s fine for daily use, but sometimes a little too glowy. For this reason, I wouldn’t repurchase it.

My rating = 3.5/5

@cancercouncil Face Day Wear SPF 30 (synthetic/chemical) – I took this one on holidays to the Bahamas and felt really protected each day. I absolutely love this product for layering with foundations. I have tested it with multiple foundations now and have found it creates a hydrated and skin like look every time. I’ts great to wear on it’s own (it’s lightly tinted), or layered. Will be repurchasing.

My rating = 5/5

@cancercouncil Face Day Wear Matte SPF 50 (synthetic/chemical) – I was so excited when I saw a matte version as in the warmer months I have a very oily T zone! I’ve tested this a couple of times and can’t agree that it is mattifying 😦 Like the non-matte version (above) I will use this on weekends or under foundation for extra protection, but sadly wont be repurchasing. I also found it oxidises.

My rating = 2/5

@skinstitute Age Defence SPF 50+ (synthetic/chemical) – I threw out the empty bottle, but truly love it! It’s a little thicker (similar to Innisfree 50+), non-greasy or heavy, no white cast once settled into the skin, great protection (I’ve tested this on beach days in direct sunlight). Would 100% repurchase!

My rating = 5/5




Has anyone tested these products? What are your favourite sunscreens?

Katie xo

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