#FOTD Winning Combo


My favourite make up combo this week was Day 5, here’s why:

One word: Simplicity!

I think most of the time I layer on products just because I love playing and experimenting, not because I actually need them. I always feel my best (if I’m being honest) when I wear only a BB/CC cream, mascara, and lip gloss! Provided the base isn’t clinging to dry patches, separating, or doing anything weird…generally my skin shines brightest when a skin-like base is applied and allowed to work it’s magic without 10 other products on top counteracting it.

Lacura Beauty is Aldi’s in house beauty brand; with a range of beauty products that remain on the shelves throughout the year, and selected Special Buy items every other catalogue. I’ve personally tried items from the range in Australia and Germany, and the UK. Some of their products are a blatant rip off of higher end brands, which isn’t great! But overall the quality is good, and at a great price. This primer provides a great base to any BB/CC/foundation! Thicker in consistency but not too heavy or greasy.

I love this BB cream by Models Prefer. They have four BB/CC options in their range (I have tried 2/4), and this one is my favourite. It has hyaluronic & marine collagen, beta glucan, and plant extracts for hydration and skin soothing properties, and lasts all day as a second skin look. It does have parabens and mineral oil on the ingredient list, however they are the last ingredients so presumably less than 1% each – this may deter some but I am personally fine with this.

I’ve talked about this mascara before; I find it fine to use daily however need to set my eyelids with powder as it transfers badly if I don’t. Wont be repurchasing as there’s others I prefer.

This balm is a mix of oils, lanolin, shea butter, bees wax, and SPF; you can definitely feel the oil blend, it’s not a sticky formula at all. It can wear away quickly but provides hydration and sun protection nonetheless!

Has anyone tried any of these products?

Katie xo




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