Let’s talk acne!

Acne is something we will all experience at some stage in life. Whether it’s when puberty hits and hormones are raging, or when we’re well into adulthood and menstrual cycles are flowing! There’s a loooooong list of reasons as to why we are home to our sore and inflamed friends, and the medical breakdown behindContinue reading “Let’s talk acne!”

Friday Facials 💫

⁣ It’s been a long week, anyone else? So to treat myself (and my skin) here’s my Friday Facial line up (in order of use):⁣ @simpleskin Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser ⁣ @mariobadescu Cucumber Tonic Mask⁣ @thebodyshop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner ⁣ @skinstitut Hydrating Mask ⁣ @missha.official Time Revolution First Treatment Essence ⁣ @deciem Caffeine SolutionContinue reading “Friday Facials 💫”

Battle of the SPF’s

The Huffington post labelled Australia as “the skin cancer capital of the world” due to it’s close proximity to the “ozone hole”….ouch! But having grown up here, I can testify that yes our sun can be extremely damaging if we don’t protect ourselves from it. My awareness of the sun and its damage has increasinglyContinue reading “Battle of the SPF’s”

⁣Australian Beauty – Inspiration and advice from the beauty set (book review) ⁣⁣

  ⁣⁣Has anyone read this book by Thom Whilton and Lisa Teh? I picked it up at the airport on my travels to Sydney for a skincare making workshop yesterday. I started reading it on the plane and finished it on my flight home.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣The book features Aussie entrepreneurs who’ve founded globally stocked brands likeContinue reading “⁣Australian Beauty – Inspiration and advice from the beauty set (book review) ⁣⁣”

#FOTD Winning Combo

My favourite make up combo this week was Day 5 (head to my Instagram for daily #FOTD posts). Here’s why this my was winning combo this week:⁣⁣⁣ I had heard so many good things about the Covergirl Healthy Elixir Foundation – and now I know why! This foundation quickly became my new favourite (besides myContinue reading “#FOTD Winning Combo”

Four items that will make you feel like the ultimate BOSS BABE

It doesn’t matter the season, in my opinion there are four items that never go out of style…a pair of heels, a bottle of perfume, a classic lip, and a fabulous handbag. For those days you would rather stay in bed and pretend your inbox isn’t exploding with drama; spritz on some perfume, apply aContinue reading “Four items that will make you feel like the ultimate BOSS BABE”