Four items that will make you feel like the ultimate BOSS BABE


It doesn’t matter the season, in my opinion there are four items that never go out of style…a pair of heels, a bottle of perfume, a classic lip, and a fabulous handbag. For those days you would rather stay in bed and pretend your inbox isn’t exploding with drama; spritz on some perfume, apply a bold lip, grab your favourite bag and hit the ground running in your most loved pumps!

Not to say flats aren’t great, they are. Not only are they more comfortable, they’re better for our backs in the long run, and they’re more affordable. On the other hand, something empowering comes from donning a great pair of stilettos and strutting down the corridor to the office photocopier. The trick? Make sure your heels are comfortable so you can strut your stuff with ease, without looking like Bambi on ice – there’s nothing worse than seeing girls walking down the street looking completely uncomfortable in their heels. Not everyone can walk in 6 inch heels, so choose a height you are comfortable with, and rock them. Personally I find heels with a front and back strap more comfortable to wear than the traditional pump. Heels can be unstable enough, without the fear of your heel slipping out the back of the shoe all day….eeek!

I’m the girl with a bunch of pinky-nude lippies on the go at any one time. I have them everywhere – on my desk at work, in my handbag, in my beauty room, in the car…anywhere I am, lippies are on deck in bulk! Whether it’s a bold red lip or a muted nude, a swipe of well pigmented lipstick or juicy gloss is a must when bossing your way through the work day. Importantly, you need to find the shade(s) that best suit your skin tone. If I arrived at my 9-5 in a bright orange or dark brown lip, I might receive a few side eyes from my co-workers. For a gal with fair AF skin with cooler undertones, pink or nude lips are better suited to my complexion. The best way to find your best shade is trial and error. Start by searching skin tones on Google and Pinterest, then go in store to swatch different shades and textures. Once you’ve found your closest match, test it out for a few days and see how you feel. Step outside your comfort zone and experiment at home first. You never know how confident you might feel with a beautifully lined lip! Here’s something I found on Pinterest:


Who doesn’t love smelling nice? We wear deodorant everyday to avoid the embarrassing possibility of releasing not so pleasant body odour. On top of deodorant, a few sprays of a fruity or floral scent on our wrists or behind the ears can work wonders for feeling large and in charge! Like lipstick or foundation shades, finding the right scent for your individual characteristics is a must. Be sure to test out a scent before you buy, we all know perfume prices do not play (and don’t often go on sale). Whether you like having an array of scents decoratively placed on your vanity, or one signature scent you purchase religiously; when you find the one you love, spritz yourself as the final step before leaving the house and wait for the compliments to role in!

Lastly (but certainly not least), a banging handbag is key to girl bossing the day away. Firstly, it houses all of the unnecessary things us girls feel the need to carry around all day – make up, hand cream, purses, hair brushes, keys, and the kitchen sink! Having a good quality and durable handbag (in my opinion) is an investment…that’s what I tell myself anyway. I am guilty of indulging in some of the more higher end handbags and purses; but if you can save for it and it’s something you absolutely love, why not?! From my experience, the cheaper quality bags are due for replacement every year at best. For those of us on a budget, outlets often have designer brands for a fraction of the price. Whether your bag of choice is a cross body, a clutch, or a tote; find your perfect colour, fill it up with your favourite beauty goodies, and wear it as a badge of armour through the day.

Katie xo

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